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How Weeds Affect Your Lawn and Why a Removal Service Is Needed

When you begin the lawn care journey, you can almost imagine your dream lawn. The grass will be green, smooth, and even. The only things growing are the flowers or plants in your carefully sectioned-out garden beds. There might even be some butterflies. The grass is green and perfect for a frisbee game, picnics, or a game of catch with your kids or grandkids. Spring is full of possibilities, and this dream doesn’t seem impossible.

How Weeds Impact Your Lawn

The lawn of your dreams won’t grow overnight. Do you know what does though? Weeds. When the first weeds in your lawn sprout up, it becomes a battle to try and remove them. You put on your boots, dust off a thick pair of gloves, and decide to win this weed war once and for all. You might even sit out in the hot sun for a couple of hours pulling weeds until your hands are sore. Then you step back to admire your hard work, but no matter how many weeds you felt you pulled, somehow it doesn’t look much different. You might even start wondering if getting rid of weeds is worth it. They don’t look that bad, right?

I’m sorry, but the weeds don’t look good. In fact, weeds don’t just impact how your lawn looks. They can affect the health of your lawn and make it harder to have that dream lawn that you’ve been working towards.

Weeds can damage your lawn

Weeds can damage your lawn because when it comes to plants, weeds are intensely aggressive. Weeds have large root systems that grow deeper and wider than regular grassroots. This allows weeds to access water and nutrients that the grass can’t reach. Maybe it’s the extra nutrients, but weeds also grow faster and taller than your grass, which allows them to block your grass from sunlight and stop them from being able to get that vital sunshine. Weeds are nature’s bullies and even after taking your grasses nutrients, they won’t stop there. Aggressive weeds will push the grass out of the way and prevent your grass from growing and spreading properly. This leads to a thin and patchy lawn that is more susceptible to damage.

Weeds make mowing difficult

If having a weak lawn isn’t bad enough, weeds will make your lawn look unkempt and unattractive. If you’re using a lawnmower, these tall weeds will make it difficult to mow your lawn evenly. Between the tall weeds and the uneven mowing job, your lawn is likely going to look uneven and patchy.

Weeds can cause allergic reactions

We’ve covered that weeds will damage or kill the grass and make your lawn look patchy and uneven. As if that’s not enough, it’s very common for weeds to make it hard to breathe. Allergies are a massive problem for a lot of people and pets in the spring. Some common weeds that are the major cause of allergies include ragweed, pigweed, dock, and cocklebur. If you’re not familiar with these names, that’s okay! If you’ve ever been outside during the spring and had sneezing, itching, watery or itchy eyes, or congestion you’ve probably run into these weeds. These weeds are common and annoying and not something you want in your yard.

Maybe these weeds wouldn’t be so bad if they were easy to get rid of. If all you had to do was gently pull them up and get rid of them forever, nobody would even think about weeds. We already mentioned that weeds are bullies, and this is true for trying to get rid of them. Weeds are famous for quickly spreading and taking over lawns. If you leave these weeds alone, they’ll completely overrun your lawn. Weeds can spread through their seeds, roots, stems, leaves, bulbs, and tubers. Seeds can spread through the wind, water, and animals and be transported long distances. When weeds grow from their roots, stems, or leaves that means you can try to pick the weeds and form new colonies from themselves to spread quickly under the ground. Bulbs and tubers can be spread by animals or your own garden tools all over your lawn. With all these different methods of spreading, these weeds can be transported all the way across your lawn. They’ll spread quickly and form new colonies all the time. Even if you remove all the weeds on the surface, weeds will be growing under the surface or spreading their tiny seeds all over your lawn.

Benefits of Weed Removal Service

Weed removal is obviously a big job, and I hope this information hasn’t discouraged you too much. If you’re wondering how to get rid of all these weeds to keep your lawn healthy, there are always things you can do. If you want a sure solution to make sure these weeds aren’t coming back, it might be best to hire a weed removal surface.  When you hire a weed removal service, you can help prevent your lawn from becoming patchy, uneven, and overrun with weeds. These negative effects on your lawn don’t have to be permanent when you hire a professional weed removal service.

Get longer lasting results

What makes your gloves and grit different than a weed removal service? Is the cost worth it? Although you can definitely get rid of some weeds yourself, professional weed removal services have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to effectively remove weeds from your lawn. With their experience, professional weed removal services can even prevent these weeds from coming back. These services can help your lawn stay healthy, green, and beautiful throughout the year.

Receive expert advice

Professional weed removal services don’t just start tearing up your lawn. These professionals can identify the different kinds of weeds and figure out the most effective methods for removing them. They will be able to tell you what type of weed removal is best for the type of weeds, the time of year, and the kind of soil in your lawn. They’ll also be able to recommend strategies from keeping these weeds from coming back in the future.

Reduced health risks

Because weeds are so intense, they’re sometimes toxic or irritating to the skin. These types of weeds are aggressive weeds and require aggressive chemicals to get rid of them. Professional weed removal services have the equipment and training to handle these substances safely. If these substances aren’t used properly, you can also damage your lawn. Don’t risk your skin or your lawn, and let the professionals handle it.

Save time

If you’ve ever tried to remove weeds yourself, you know that it can take days and all of your energy. Removing weeds is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Professional weed removal services have access to specialized equipment that can remove weeds quickly and efficiently. This means you’ll have more time to have fun in your yard instead of trying to make your yard look nice.

What Is The Cost of Weed Removal Service?

The downside of a weed removal service is the added expense. Lawn care is already expensive, do you really need to pay other people to do it? The short answer is yes, you really should. Even though hiring a professional weed removal service might seem like an added expense, it will actually save you money in the long run. Removing weeds can take a long time and can be less effective when you do it yourself. Professionals will be able to move weeds more effectively, which will help prevent them from spreading and causing further damage to your lawn or garden. It’s more expensive to repair the damage to your lawn than to pay a professional weed removal service to prevent it.

Get Professional Weed Removal Service with The Yard Butler!

If you’re looking for a high-quality weed removal service, The Yard Butler might just have what you’re looking for. We offer a weed control program that can be combined with a fertilizer program for a perfectly lush and green lawn.

Weeds can truly be a yard pest that feels impossible to get rid of. They negatively affect the health of your lawn through their aggressive root systems, uneven heights, and their ability to grow rapidly over long distances. Weeds can also cause major allergies and make it hard to be outside enjoying the sunshine. If you want to get rid of the weeds in your yard, consider hiring a professional weed removal service! Professional weed removal services will be able to get the weeds that you didn’t even know were there and keep your lawn looking lush and healthy for the summer!

When you take care of the weeds in your lawn, your dream yard won’t have to be a dream. Weed removal services mean that the green lawn with perfect flower beds won’t have to stay a myth and instead become a reality. Don’t let weeds control your lawn but control the weeds to have a lush and beautiful yard.

If you want to know if a professional weed removal service is right for you, or if it might be best to try and tackle the weeds by yourself, you can call The Yard Butler for a free consultation. We’ll give you a price estimate and a timeline for what our weed removal service and fertilizer program will look like on your lawn. You don’t want to deal with your weeds, and we want to help you.


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