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5 Tips for Fall Lawn Care in Idaho

fall lawn care

5 Tips for Fall Lawn Care in Idaho

When you live in Idaho, it’s easy to forget that eventually, the leaves will begin to turn color, and the warm temperatures will quickly drop. However, while we might love the sunny days of summer, preparing your home and yard for fall and winter is essential, even if you don’t have grass and greenery. There are steps you should take before the colder temperatures creep in to keep your home looking great all year long. Below, we share five tips for fall lawn care in Idaho.

Remove the Leaves

Once the leaves start changing, many people think they should stop caring for their lawns. However, now is the time to invest even more time and attention in maintaining your yard. Not only will you be saving time by doing it now instead of waiting until spring, but the care you give your lawn right now can significantly affect how your yard looks next year.


While pretty autumn leaves may be tempting to play in, the fallen leaves block sunlight and trap moisture. And, these two elements are essential for any plant – including grass – to grow. If left on your lawn, leaves can actually damage your yard. So, once the leaves have fallen, blow or rake them away as often as possible.

Keep Mowing The Lawn

Even if your grass goes from a vibrant green to a dull brown, you need to keep mowing your lawn to remove any unwanted or diseased vegetation. This will also help prevent potential insect and fungal infestations as well as contribute to better weed control. 



Grass does not cease to grow until winter frost kills it, so there’s no reason to stop mowing come autumn. Instead, continue mowing your grass until it is at a standard height. In the end, you will have to prepare your mower for winter by sharpening the blades, refreshing the oil, changing the spark plugs, inspecting it for damage, and cleaning the air filter.

Continue Watering

Due to less evaporation in the fall, natural precipitation provides more moisture, which is ideal for sustaining a healthy lawn. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the water level of your lawn with a rain gauge, though. If your lawn does not get one inch of moisture per week, it is essential to water it. 


Keep watering your yard as needed to make it look its best all season long. Maintaining your fall yard is also a great way to improve curb appeal and add value to your home. Additionally, putting more time into keeping your lawn will require less maintenance and will only look better each year as it grows thicker.

Loosen The Soil

Giving your lawn regular aeration every few years is another lawn care tip to spruce up your fall yard. By loosening your soil, you are preventing it from becoming compacted and covered with thatch. This can be done by using a core aerator that goes down through thatch and removes plugs of soil.

Pest Control

Ridding your yard of pests such as lawn ants and grasshoppers may not be the most exciting chore on your fall lawn care list, but it’s essential. Chances are, you’re seeing more insects at this time of year because they’re looking for a place to spend winter. Besides causing damage with their sharp mandibles, these bugs also transfer deadly diseases to your plants.

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