The Yard Butler

Lawn sprinkler installation & repair

The Yard Butler is dedicated to offering high-quality Idaho Falls lawn sprinkler installation and repair services. We not only promise to use the best materials for your yard, but we promise to help your yard look beautiful. 

With over 30 years of experience, our resident expert and his highly-trained team are thorough and efficient in installing a sprinkler system. We know you will be impressed by their work. 

Design & Install

We don’t cut corners. With our experience and quality equipment, we install sprinkler systems to last.

  • We have wifi sprinkler clocks available for easy scheduling. 
  • We install according to city code
  • Each new sprinkler installation comes with a 1 year warranty. 
installation of underground automatic sprinkler

Repair & Troubleshooting

When your sprinkler system has a problem, we troubleshoot to determine what the problem is a get it fixed for you quickly. We can help you with the following problems and more:

  • Sprinkler head replacement and adjustment
  • Valves
  • Solenoids
  • PVP testing and replacement
  • Stop and waste testing and replacement
  • Main line and lateral line leak repair
  • Clock testing and replacement
  • Seasonal clock adjustment
  • Planter bed drips system repair
  • Water feature pump maintenance


A sprinkler system is a big investment. Our team works hard to build a high-quality system that will last for years, and when cold winter weather arrives, we want to do our part to protect your investment. TheYard Butler offers sprinkler winterization services to help maintain your sprinkler system.
Sprinkler winterization includes blowing compressed air into the sprinkler lines to keep your system from freezing and rupturing during cold winter months. The Yard Butler offers our sprinkler winterization services beginning of October in order to winterize and turn off your sprinkler system before freezing temperatures arrive.
A sprinkler system is a lot more that what is on the surface, allow us to help diagnose and repair any of your sprinkler needs. At The Yard Butler, we promise the best results because that is what your yard deserves. 

Turn On

Improper turn on of your sprinklers can end up costing a fortune! Our turn on consists of turning your water back on, checking coverage of the lawn and making sure system is running properly so you don’t have issues later down the road as a result.