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How To Prepare Your Property for Fall Pest Control

fall pest control

Pests can spell disaster when it comes to people’s homes due to the damage they can bring. Unfortunately, because of the cool weather that comes with fall, many bugs begin to look for shelter to shield themselves against the coming winter. This means pests will hasten into your warm and inviting home. Without proper fall pest control, the comfort and safety of your family are at stake.


Fortunately, with pest control in Idaho Falls, you can address pests such as ants, bed bugs, spiders and rodents in your home.


To help put your mind at ease, below we share some fall pest control tips.


#1 Regularly Inspect Your Property

Keep an eye out for any signs of pests, especially in places that will likely get infested. Signs include foul odor, droppings, nests and damage. Identifying these symptoms before they become a major issue can help reduce risks like costly pest control in Idaho Falls.

#2 Maintain a Clean Home

Always thoroughly clean your home because pests love a dirty environment and surfaces. Make sure to give extra attention to spots that are often overlooked. In the kitchen, do not forget to store food properly and never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. You want to clear any food-stained counters, tables, or other surfaces where you eat. Lastly, do not put off laundry day or vacuuming.

#3 Fix Any Holes or Cracks in the House

Pests can enter even the most unusual areas, such as cracks and holes in your home. Take the time to inspect and identify gaps to prevent pests from entering. In addition to deterring pests from entering your home, addressing gaps will enhance insulation and assist in controlling temperatures indoors.


#4 Use Insecticides

The best way to get rid of any pests in your home is with insecticides. However, we do not recommend that you handle insecticides without an expert who can adhere to all guidelines for optimal performance and safety. Professionals can use them to spray specific areas like window sills, door frames, gaps and crevices.

#5 Tidy Up Your Yard

Bugs enjoy the clutter that comes with autumn—mud, twigs and lots of leaves. As such, yard work is required for pest management in the winter. Before they can accumulate, rake the leaves up. Grass cutting and shrub pruning should continue until the end of fall. Gather broken branches and twigs. If you keep firewood outdoors, secure them by elevating or covering. Aim for a 5-foot radius around your home that’s clear of all outdoor debris.


#6 Trim Boxelder Trees

The boxelder bug is named after this tree. Boxelder bugs eat the seed pods but especially like sucking the sap off the leaves and stems. Removing the boxelder tree will effectively reduce such bugs. However, if removal isn’t an option for you, just regularly trim the tree and rake up fallen seed pods.

#7 Call A Professional

It’s a wise idea to call a professional for fall pest control if you don’t have the time or the pests have become unmanageable for you. Professionals are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools needed to remove and fend off pests from your home.

Let the Yard Butler Control the Pests That Bug You

Pests, if left alone, pose risks to your property and family. For instance, rodents can transmit up to 35 different diseases to humans. As alarming as this is, there’s no need to panic if there is an upsurge in bugs around your home. Instead, call The Yard Butler — we specialize in fall pest control and can effectively address any suspected infestation in no time.


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