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What to Prepare for Snow Removal in Idaho Falls

snow removal Idaho falls

Winter is fast approaching, which means snow is coming to Idaho. While it provides a beautiful change in scenery, it can also be an extreme hassle to many homeowners. They can cause people to slip and cars to get stuck in ice. Therefore, coming up with a snow removal and frost management plan is essential to keep everyone safe.

Prepare Before Snow Arrives

Preparing for snow before it arrives does wonders for your property as it allows you to perform pre-emptive deicing treatments. The most common preventive action for snow removal in Idaho is spreading salt all over your property. This creates a layer of brine which significantly decreases ice formation on pathways and driveways. As a result, it’s harder for snow to bond to the ground, allowing you to shovel and remove it from your property easily.

Things to Prepare

There’s a wide variety of snow removal tools available on the market. From snow blowers to snow loaders, each piece of equipment is designed to make the removal process as uncomplicated as possible. While these fancy machines can make the chore a lot easier, it’s still best to have the essential tools in hand.

Ensure you have the following things prepared before pre-snowfall:

  • Shovel: For clearing snow on driveways, pathways and stairs
  • Ice scraper: For removing ice on house and car windows
  • Rake: For clearing the roof of the house and car
  • Salt spreaders: For dispensing salt over large areas

Staying Safe During Snow Removal in Idaho

Many fail to grasp how risky snow removal in Idaho can be. The activity is intensely physical and may cause injuries. Therefore, your safety should be your priority if you plan on doing snow removal tasks yourself. 


Keep the following precautions in mind:


Stay Warm

Before taking on the task, do some light exercise like stretching or jogging on the spot to help you prepare for the physical activity. Then, dress warmly so your body won’t have to work as hard to maintain its heat.


Avoid Alcohol and Coffee 

Avoid drinks that hinder you from listening to your body. Alcohol will help you stay warm, but it can cause you to misjudge how cold you are, leading to overexertion or hypothermia. In addition, you should not drink coffee before snow shoveling since caffeine raises your blood pressure, which increases your risk for cardiovascular issues.


Keep Your Phone On You

Emergencies are almost always unforeseen. Therefore, you need to have your mobile phone on your person to summon help as quickly as possible. There are plastic pouches you can place your phone in to keep it waterproof as you are working with ice. 


Take Breaks 

Taking a breather might not sound appealing when you’re trying to finish the job as quickly as you can. However, it is crucial to give your body the rest it needs to execute the task correctly. So take a rest whenever you feel tired and shovel at a reasonable pace.

Get Professionals Involved

Hiring a snow removal service can effectively avoid mishaps from shoveling on your own. With a professional handling your snow removal needs, you can keep your property safe from ice-related incidents as you enjoy the warmth of your home.

The Yard Butler is a snow removal service provider with over 30 years of experience in snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling and ice management. Our team is available 24/7 and has the proper equipment to tackle emergencies. So let The Yard Butler do the work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.