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Why and when you should spray your yard for weeds

Weeds are a hindrance to most lawns throughout the United States. As a whole, we all want healthy lawns but are constantly struggling with weeds. What can we do to combat weeds and how can we stop them from taking over our lawns?

What are weeds and why are they a constant infestation in my yard?

Wanting a beautiful lawn is a struggle for everyone and the culprit of that struggle are weeds. Weeds are awful for your lawn, they steal nutrients and moisture which makes your lawn look dry and crunchy. Not only are they hard to look at, but they spread rapidly, are difficult to extract, and can be aggressive at times. Your lawn and plants are trying to gain nutrients and the weeds are taking away from them. Weeds are fighting with the healthy grass in your yard, so it’s best to get rid of it to keep your lawn looking healthy.

You might wonder how weeds are constantly popping up in your yard. Weeds contain special seeds that travel through the air which is the main reason weeds keep coming back. A few other reasons include:

  • When birds feed, the seeds can travel through their digestive system and end up in your yard. 
  • They can latch themselves onto your pet’s fur and when the pet moves or knocks the seeds off of its fur they land on your grass and allow weeds to form. 
  • Seeds can even come from other weeds, so you could’ve been doing some light gardening around your home and those special seeds can make an appearance from the weeds you just extracted.

Dealing with weeds seems like a battle that we just can’t win. However, that’s not the case. It’s not a matter of coming out victorious when dealing with weeds, it’s rather how we can control them so that our lawn looks as nice as possible.

The short answer is, weeds will always be there, but if you regain control of your lawn they become much easier to deal with. Spraying your yard can lead to a healthier green lawn and get rid of those irritating weeds. Staying in control of your lawn is how we can erase those annoying weeds to prepare for a beautiful lawn in the spring.

How do I stay in control of the weeds in my lawn?

When diving into maintaining a healthy lawn, most homeowners try to do anything they can to get rid of weeds whether it’s pulling their weeds, using a store-bought spraying solution, or hiring a professional spraying service. The safest and most efficient way to control your weeds is using a professional spraying service.

Pulling weeds doesn’t work unless you take out every weed and make sure you aren’t leaving any of the roots in the ground. Also when pulling out those weeds, they’re going to come back since the weeds spread their special seeds around. Then with store-bought spraying solutions, you are working with chemicals all on your own. You can run into issues like over and under spraying, putting your pets and small children at risk, and ruining your grass. The average person has no idea what chemicals are in those store-bought solutions or how they even work!

The best option is to put yourself in the hands of a professional. With all the chemicals involved in this process, it’s best to use someone who knows what they’re doing to keep you and your lawn safe. They understand the situation you’re in and want to help you get the lawn you desire.

Benefits of spraying for weeds in your yard

A lot of people wonder how you can kill weeds without destroying your grass and still use the spraying method. Here are the benefits of spraying:

  • Guards your lawn from weeds and other harmful conditions
  • Enhances the health of your lawn
  • Ensuring a product that is best for your lawn
  • Prevents potential danger of poisonous weeds
  • Helps plants gain nutrients that the weeds are taking
  • Saves your time and aggravation

Not only does spraying your weeds save time and effort, but it is also better for your lawn. The chemicals used in spraying are designed to kill the weeds off and help your plants grow. Pulling your weeds can create issues with your lawn and take nutrients away. You can also find issues with using the correct tool to pull out the weeds. Overall, it saves time and helps your grass to just get your lawn sprayed. Your time is valuable and you can spend it doing other things.

Are chemical sprays for weeds dangerous?

If your goal is to have a healthy lawn, the best route is to use a professional weed spraying service. Often when choosing which product is best, most homeowners aren’t sure where to begin and can ultimately select something that is more harmful than helpful for their lawn. When using DIY spraying solutions, some can overspray or under spray which can affect your lawn negatively. If you end up under spraying you aren’t successful at getting rid of the weeds and if you overspray then you end up burning your lawn. Many store-bought solutions are toxic to small children and pets, but Yard Butler’s spraying solution is not harmful and does not require you to leave your home for an extended time. And using a professional service helps alleviate your worry about the technicalities of ruining your lawn from spraying.

When is the best time to spray your weeds?

Fall is the best time to spray because it’s a crucial time to fight off winter annual weeds. Fall is the transition time from summer to winter which essentially is the change from hot to cold. So, spraying your grass this fall will help it adapt to the change so that you have a better chance at having a healthier lawn come spring. Spraying in fall helps fight off the frost while also keeping your lawn more intact for when spring comes around.

Will weeds be a constant issue in your lawn?

Although we would love to see an end to weeds, the only way to keep your lawn clear of weeds is to spray them regularly. So, if you’re experiencing some issues with weeds and are ready to have a healthy lawn this spring, Yard Butler can help you with your weed issues. Just give us a call and we can make sure that you’re not losing the battle to weeds this time!