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How to Prepare for and Prevent Winter Pests

As we prepare for the colder weather of Fall in Idaho, pests in and around your home are beginning to gather. With holidays around the corner, preparation for visiting relatives means preparing for these uninvited guests, too.

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are a common pest in Idaho homes and yards. The small ½ inch bugs get their name from Boxelder trees, in which they lay their young, though they can be found on several species of grass and decorative flowers. Boxelder bugs are not particularly destructive, but become quite intrusive as they gather in massive numbers.

As cold weather encroaches, adult Boxelder bugs find shelter in warm, dark crevices to emerge in the warm weather of Spring. This means your basement, attic, and garage make for cozy winter hangouts. While they tend to go into an inactive state in the winter, their liquid feces can stain fabrics and upholstery. Pre-treatment spraying of these areas can prevent infestations before the nuisance insect gets its chance.


Even if you consider yourself brave when face-to-face with one spider, the thought of thousands of baby spiders in your home may be the reality. Idaho is home to 12 unique spider species, all of which have the potential to invade your living quarters as the temperatures begin to dip. Spiders are known to enter homes through cracks in windows and door frames, but also in less conventional ways, like hitchhiking on chopped firewood.

Female spiders seek out dark, calm environments to lay their eggs, which inevitably will hatch and scatter throughout your home. Apart from their sheer number, Idaho houses two species, the black widow and the hobo spider, which can cause painful bites to your pets and family.

Small Rodents

Small rodents, like mice, rats, and voles, are all offenders of moving into the warmth of your home, too. By nature, these rodents can be extremely damaging to your home as they chew and burrow through wood structures, carpeting, and electric wiring. You may never lay eyes on these elusive mammals, but the stench of droppings is undeniable. Not only can they threaten the structural integrity of your home, but rats and mice are known to carry over 20 diseases, including leptospirosis, salmonella, and rat bite fever.

Solution for Keeping Idaho Pests at Bay

To keep pests at bay year round, we recommend quarterly pest control treatments. And if you’ve already been considering pest treatment, now is one of the most effective times to protect your home through the winter. Preventing these pests from entering your home before they have a comfortable spot to reproduce can starkly decrease their population in and around your home.

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