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Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control Services

Pest control services can be a great tool for keeping the bugs and animals that congregate around your home out of your home. Keeping wild animals and bugs out of your home is important in preventing the spread of disease, protecting you and your family from adverse reactions to getting bitten, and just to keep your home more comfortable. When you are looking for pest control services, you may have some questions about the services being rendered.

Here are some common questions people have about pest control services.

What pest control services are environmentally friendly?

Natural and organic insecticides that target specific species of insects are the most eco-friendly forms of pest control. They can be applied to the affected area without also killing plants and other insects that are good for the environment.

These should all be used with caution after having read the instructions carefully. Some of these will affect other insects and should only be applied to the problem area in order to decrease adverse effects on good insects.

If you aren’t sure if your pest control company uses environmentally friendly products, you can ask them. They should know what risks the products they use have. If environmentally-friendly treatments are important to you, you can ask your pest control company if these treatments are an option. Here at The Yard Butler, we use environmentally friendly applications that don’t kill plants or contaminate soil and water. We follow the label instructions and EPA regulations.

Are pest control services humane?

Insecticides do kill insects. There are preventative measures you can take to keep bugs from coming into your home without killing them, though these alternatives usually do not involve pest control services. Things like keeping your house clean, sealing cracks in walls, and storing food in airtight containers are all great measures to take to prevent pest infestations in your home.

If keeping your pest control humane is a priority to you, be sure to ask your pest control company about the humane options that they provide.

Are pest control services safe around children and pregnant women?

Most pest control services are considered safe for children and pregnant women and will not put you or your family at risk. You can be extra cautious by limiting your exposure to pesticides. You can leave the house while pesticides are being used and open windows upon returning home. Let your pest control company know that you are pregnant before they come and they can make sure to use techniques that are the safest for you and your baby.

Our products at The Yard Butler are safe to use around children, pregnant women, and people in general. We use a spray that is safe to be applied in hospitals and daycare.

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