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Why Should You Hire a Snow Removal Service?

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Living in the Snow

If it is one thing that Southeast Idahoans are well versed in, it is living in the snow. In this area, once winter sets in, it stays for months. Living here is either falling face-first into snow or floating on the surface. There are so many different challenges when it comes to living in the snow. Every action becomes more dangerous. Driving is more difficult due to the icy roads, and the sidewalks aren’t any better. All sidewalks must be cleared of snow-by-snow pile removal, or they become hazardous, especially in Eastern Idaho, where the seasons tend to need to remember to change. Playing in the snow is fun. A lot of people look forward to being able to enjoy snow sports. But it isn’t fun when every day feels like you are slipping and sliding into snow piles.

If you have been a short-term or long-term resident of an area with severe winters, you know the pain that comes with plowed roads. Due to outside factors, the streets cannot be plowed, or they are pushed in a way where all the excess snow becomes a problem. Citizens often rely on cars driving through areas to finish the job that the snowplows have started. Snow gets trampled down the easiest that way. What happens to the residential areas that don’t get much traffic? That excess snow ends up piling up. That is where the need for snow pile removal comes into play. 

Snow Removal and Snow Plowing are symptoms of each other for the most part. Companies may do one or the other, or both in most cases. These companies’ most important job is to clear the roads or sidewalks of snow. You are probably the most familiar with snow plowing. A large truck or vehicle with a plow in the front moves the snow off the roads. For smaller residential areas, the most common tool is a snow shovel. Most people opt to get a snowblower if they live in a location with a lot of snow, like Eastern Idaho. Where is the snow supposed to go once you clear if off the roads and paths? The snow will freeze and won’t melt for another four months.” This is where the lesser well-known quality of snow removal comes into play. 

That snow builds up and doesn’t go away. It won’t melt. The build-up turns into ice and grows dirtier over time. No one wants piles of dirty snow to cover their property. When it’s constantly snowing, it’s important to avoid letting it build up.” You want to get it regularly taken care of by professional companies that know what they are doing. Companies come and plow the build-up away and put it into containers such as snow bags and boxes to take it to a dumping location. You should hire a snow removal service for general safety, convenience, avoidance of damage to your property, the ease and trust of having a professional do it for you, and the reliability of being taken care of during unreliable weather.

Five Reasons Why Should You Hire a Snow Removal Service


There is no other more dangerous time in Southeast Idaho than winter. Winter lasts for at least four months in this area. Snow and ice create hazardous conditions on every flat surface, such as driveways, sideways, and other outdoor surfaces. By hiring a professional snow removal service, you can ensure that these areas are cleared of hazards. The most surefooted person would have trouble with the slightest chance of ice and snow on the concrete. Safety is paramount, especially in the winter when cars don’t have a lot of traction, and the roads are even more dangerous.


No one wants to wake up early in the morning to get up and shovel the driveway, only to have all your work covered with a couple of inches of fresh powder a couple of hours later. That takes extra time and effort, and in the end, where is all the snow supposed to go? This chore is a daily waste of time. It ends at the sides and the end of the driveway, building up daily. It isn’t going to melt. The piles can build up for months until someone else takes pity on you or a snowplow takes the bulk of it that is spilling into the street. Shoveling snow is tiring but it is a routine chore.  Ice is a different story. By hiring a snow removal service, you can save time and precious energy and avoid the hassle of shoveling snow and chipping ice.

Avoiding Damage to Property

The expansion of ice and the weight of snow can cause more damage than you would think. The quality of water can become quite an annoyance. It is important to clear snow and ice off your roof. Your roof is designed to protect you and your home, not to hold the weight of snow and ice. Accumulated snow can end up being a lot of weight. There is a phenomenon of a build-up of ice and snow in a roof gutter called an ice dam. You may need to become more familiar with this term. An ice dam is when ice forms in a ridge at the roof’s edge. They prevent melting snow from draining off the tops. Over time, backed-up water caused by the blockage of ice can leak into a dam and cause damage to walls, ceiling, insulation, and all areas. Typically, when people think of snow removal services, all they think about are plowing sidewalks and driveways. Snow removal services will take care of any issue that is related to the abundance of snow.

Professional Equipment

Professional snow removal services have equipment that matches the work they do. As mentioned above, these professional companies have commercial snowplows intended to handle a high volume of snow at a time. Often in areas like Southeast Idaho, known for having a high volume of snow at a time, companies also use Front End Loaders machines. These machines look like smaller snowplows and are used in tighter places like driveways or small parking lots. Professional companies such as The Yard Butler are always correctly prepared with the right equipment at the right time. 


Winter may want you to stop life, but the rest of the world continues. Reliability is key. Since the weather is unpredictable, it is essential to have a snow removal service known for being reliable. Professional snow removal services have experienced and trained staff available to clear snow and ice from your property anytime. These companies monitor weather conditions closely and are prepared to deploy crews to your homes when needed.   

Payment Options

There are different payment models available for different needs and for various companies. Snow removal companies offer different payment types to accommodate the needs of their clients. You only pay for the service you need in unreliable weather. Here are some standard payment options that you may encounter when hiring a snow removal service. 

Pay Per Event

The perfect snow removal contract for areas that don’t get frequent snow is Paid per Event. This contact type is when you only pay for when it snows. This contract is more complicated. It is called Pay Per Event. Each Event is considered 24 hours. A snowplow can come over any time in 24 hours, and you only pay for that one Event. The problem is if the snowstorm lasts for longer than one Event, you are paying for more than one Event.

Seasonal Contracts

Seasonal contacts are the most common. Customers pay one flat fee, and that covers the whole snow season. This flat fee makes it easier to budget for. This is for areas that are known for having consistent winters paired with consistent dates. The frequency of visits is determined between the homeowner and the company.

Full-Service Contract

Some companies, such as The Yard Butler, offer services for all seasons. These contracts cover snow removal, groundskeeping, and landscaping for the non-snowy months. And a full-service warranty covers everything with and without snow. Think of this service as being more like landscaping. These contracts are for homeowners wanting a one-and-done contract to ensure their property looks the best in the neighborhood year-round.

The Lawn Butler

The Yard Butler is the perfect company for you! They will take care of all your snow removal needs. They are known for snow and ice management, such as snow plowing and sidewalk shoveling. Most companies don’t offer the option of anti-icing and de-icing as well. They will even remove the snow and ice dams in your gutters. After shoveling all the snow, they will haul it off as well. All your snow problems will be taken care of. Instead of dreading snowstorms, you can enjoy the safety of cleared paths and have fun in the rest of the snow. Having a professional company take care of your property will reduce any possible liability. Look to The Yard Butler for all your snow removal needs!