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When to Call a Pest Control Service

Most people think they can purchase pest control products online or from their local hardware store and fix their pest problems in a few simple steps. But when is it time to call a professional pest control service? 

Answering that question depends on the following factors: the type of pest, the extent of the problem, the location of the problem, and your tolerance level.

Many homeowners try to tackle their pest problem by themselves and they end up wasting time and money on pesticides from their local DIY store that just doesn’t get the job done. These chemicals act like a band-aid, providing a temporary fix for a long-term problem.

Without a doubt, the most important reason you should hire a pest control service is to protect yourself and your family from disease. A shocking amount of the pests that find their way into our homes and gardens carry easily transmittable diseases that can have an impact on your health. Some pests directly transmit disease by stinging or biting, while others pick up disease-causing bacteria and parasites and spread them. 

While you might think it is easy to eradicate a pest infestation on your own, one of the downsides of products is that the chemicals in these products can be harmful to your family. By hiring our team of highly trained pest control professionals, you eliminate the risk of accidentally exposing your family to harmful chemicals.

Another issue that may arise is possible danger to your pet. Some pests that are harmless to humans but can be extremely dangerous to animals. Mosquitoes can cause heartworms. Mites can cause mange. Flies, bees and gnats can also carry diseases like Influenza, the West Nile virus and Anemia.

It’s time to protect your family and pets. Pests belong in their natural habitat, not your home and yard. Hiring a pest control service comes with the benefit of peace of mind. You can breathe easy again knowing that your pest problem is under control. Call The Yard Butler today to speak with one of our experts.