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When is The Best Time to Replace My Sprinkler System?

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As a homeowner, you know how much work goes into maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. One of the key components of achieving this is an effective sprinkler system. A new, modern sprinkler system can bring numerous benefits to your lawn and garden, including improved water efficiency, better lawn coverage, and convenience. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the reasons for and signs for replacing your sprinkler system, the benefits you can expect, and the important factors to consider when choosing a new system.

Signs for When to Replace a Sprinkler System

As a general rule of thumb, sprinkler systems need to be replaced around 10-15 years. The best quality irrigation systems could even last up to 20 years. With such a long life to this easy lawn care convenience, homeowners should get familiar with the signs for when a full sprinkling system replacement is needed.


Age – an irrigation system will eventually age. The wear and tear over so many years will need to be assessed to know the right time for a sprinkler system upgrade.

Leaks – If main water lines leak, the system will fundamentally underperform, as the water won’t reach nozzles for even distribution. 

Corrosion – sprinklers that are showing signs of both external and internal corrosion should be replaced.

Frequent repairs – no one wants money to be constantly going down the drain. If repeated breaks are happening, especially within a number of months, it’s time for an upgrade.

Overwatering or underwatering – older and non-automated systems don’t have the ability to adjust water flow as needed. This results in improper watering of the whole lawn. Newer and automated systems can change the water distribution flows to make the task easier.

Advancing technology – Newer systems incorporate smart technology making it an attractive option for people to upgrade their systems.


Overall, there are several indicators as to when a replacement for your sprinkler system is needed, including malfunctions, age, and technology. Take these factors into account and homeowners can make an informed decision to get a replacement installation scheduled.

Benefits of a New Sprinkler System

Any homeowner wants to ensure the health and beauty of their lawn. Having a new system can increase the curb appeal and value of a home. With a new sprinkler system advanced features and efficient design, a new sprinkler system can provide numerous benefits to homeowners, making it a valuable investment for improving their lawn. And what sort of benefits could a new sprinkler system provide?


Automatization – removes the worry of when and how much water to use.

Efficiency – sprinkler systems help water lawns consistently, evenly, and effectively each time. 

Conservation – overused sprinkler systems waste water. Control how much is used and when depending on the climate.

Customization – Customize a watering system according to specific lawn needs – shape, size, etc.

Variety – Sprinklers don’t just water lawns, they also water plants and flowers. Made to get the most out of the system while conserving water and time. Setting to frequent and light irrigation. 

Value – Selling a home with a sprinkler system will be a nice benefit to offer to potential buyers. 

Time – sprinkler systems can be set to start at the most convenient times for the homeowner’s schedule. Making the right timing easier to save time for homeowners.


Not only does a new sprinkler system make your life easier but it also helps conserve water and adds value to your home. The system’s efficient design helps reduce water waste and provides the flexibility to control how much water is used and when. With frequent and light irrigation, you can get the most out of your sprinkler system while conserving water and time. For homeowners who are looking to sell their homes, having a new sprinkler system in place is a nice benefit to offer to potential buyers, adding value and making it seem more attractive. Overall, a new sprinkler system is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their lawn and garden.

Cost Considerations

Many people will shy away from the cost, not wanting to consider the investment but it’s important to consider the long-term benefits. While the initial investment can be substantial, the relief it’ll provide in the end will be considerable. An added benefit is that the new sprinkler system can increase the value of a property. This is especially true in a dry climate or an area with water restrictions. This feature can help a property stand out from others. 


The new sprinkler system can save money on water bills (especially if the old system was making you lose money with overwatering or leaks) by providing improved water efficiency. The cost of the new system will depend on several factors, the size of the lawn, the type of system, and the complexity of the installation. But you will save time and effort in the task with an automated system. This can free up time for other tasks and reduce stress. A wise investment in the long run.


Scheduling a professional to come and install a new sprinkler system is a worthwhile investment that can provide a number of benefits. A professional installation will ensure that the system is installed correctly and operates as intended, reducing the risk of leaks and other issues. The professional can also ensure that the system is customized to your specific wants and needs. They can also teach you how to physically manage and set the system if any changes need to happen. This can ensure that the lawn receives the proper amount of water when it needs it, which can save money on the water bill in the long run. Overall, the cost of a professional installation will be higher than a DIY project, but it provides a more efficient and reliable system.

Types of Sprinkler Systems

When referring to sprinkler systems, consider where your home is connected to a water source. Either above ground or underground water source. This will determine the sprinkler heads that are available to you. 


Underground sprinkler systems have pipes that are buried below the surface of the ground. The sprinkler heads are typically flush with the ground and only become visible when they are activated. This type of system is ideal for homeowners who want a clean, aesthetic look to lawns and landscaped areas. Additionally, because the pipes are buried underground, they are protected from damage caused by lawn equipment and other hazards. 


An above-ground sprinkler system, on the other hand, has pipes that are installed above the ground. This type of system is often used in gardens and other areas where the pipes are more visible. The pipes can sometimes be covered with a decorative casing to make them less noticeable. Above-ground systems are often easier and less expensive to install than in-ground systems, but they are also more susceptible to damage from lawn equipment, inclement weather, and other hazards. 


Both of these systems can be automated, making it easy to control the watering schedule and adjust the coverage as needed. Here are some common types of sprinkler heads to choose from for both above-ground and underground systems:


  • Oscillating
  • Impact
  • Fixed 
  • Rotating 
  • Bubblers
  • Spray heads


Consider the coverage you want your sprinklers to do when thinking about sprinkler systems. Each of the types brings different benefits to a lawn but remember the specific needs of your lawns.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a New System

As mentioned before, taking into account the size of the area that needs to be watered will be a determining factor. If the area is large then a combination of fixed and rotating sprinklers provides adequate coverage. Conversely, in a smaller area, a simple oscillating sprinkler may suffice. Pick the right system that will suit your specific lawn’s needs. 


The shape of the lawn is to be considered as well. Certain sprinkler systems are designed for different-shaped lawns, so choose the right system for your specific lawn needs.

Neighbors should also be considered. Overspray could get other structures and areas wet unintentionally, so remember your surrounding areas and what it is with your sprinklers range. You don’t want to waste water, the intention behind a new sprinkler system is that it will add convenience to your life and save money on a water bill. With the system that best suits your needs your lawn can receive the proper amount of water for growth and health.

Maintenance and Upkeep

With proper maintenance, you can ensure that the system operates efficiently and is saving you money on the water bill. Over time, sprinkler heads can become jammed from damage or debris, causing inefficiency. Tune-ups once a year can ensure proper and adequate water coverage year-round.


Don’t forget to properly winterize your sprinkler system before winter starts. Through the winter season, water can freeze up and damage the insides of many sprinkler systems. Winter will take a toll on the sprinkler system and the years of use it could have. 


The recommendation is for the whole system to be inspected and to have tune-ups at least once a year by a professional to ensure your sprinkler system is working properly. So you can keep your property looking the best all year long.

Replacing a sprinkler system is an important decision that should be made after careful consideration of several factors. Such as signs of frequent breakdowns and high water bills. A new sprinkler system offers several benefits, such as improved water efficiency, better coverage, and advanced features like smart controllers. However, the cost of a new system can vary significantly depending on factors like the type of system chosen and the size of the property. 


When selecting a new sprinkler system, factors of lawn needs should be considered and choosing a system that is easy to operate and maintain. Regular maintenance and upkeep are essential for a system to last a long time. These tasks include checking for leaks, adjusting sprinkler heads, and winterizing the system. 


By learning to recognize the size when replacing your sprinkler system is necessary, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of an automated system, improved water efficiency, better coverage, and a healthy lawn. Replacing a sprinkler system is an investment on your property so take time to choose the right system for your needs. If needed, a professional could help you determine those needs and guide you in caring for it.